Pre-conference Workshop—7 C’s of Blended Learning

Marcia Kish, Instructor (1:00-5:00 PM Wednesday, February 24)
Participants in this hands-on workshop will get a chance to learn how to take their blended learning classroom to the next level by implementing the 7 C’s. The 7 C’s include creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, courage, curiosity, and compassion. The workshop will be divided up into seven modules. The modules will be broken down into a collaboration round, teacher facilitated round, creativity round, and exploration round. Each module will give the educators a chance to explore online and offline resources. For example the creativity module, will look at how to use green screens, Swivls, and Camtasia to showcase a learning target for a high school classroom. The participants will have a chance to to collaborate in groups of similar skilled educators to talk about how they have used 20% time projects within their classrooms to promote the 7 C’s. (Educators that have used 20% time will be onsite to help facilitate the conversations). The participants will have the ability to apply the 7 C’s concepts into a blended learning unit. Finally, each educator will have personalized time with blended learning coaches to construct ways to use 7 C’s to meet the needs of their own classroom environment.