Pre-conference Workshop with Corinne Hoisington


Augmented and Virtual Reality will Engage your Students and Transform Education

This optional three-hour pre-conference BYOD workshop from 2:00-5:00 PM on Wednesday, February 8 will be divided into two parts. You can register for the workshop as a separate option when you register for the conference.

***Warning: This workshop is for instructors who can handle extreme excitement and engagement.

Part 1: Transform your Online Imagination into Reality

Every course is adding more technologies to seamlessly transform imagination into reality by using augmented reality, storyboarding technologies such as Sway and more! From wearable technologies that display schedule notifications on your wrist to virtual conference holograms that float in front of your eyes, be prepared to move your teaching reality into new realms of possibilities! Envision a world that technology can adapt to the natural ways we communicate and learn. That world begins now!

Part 2: Implementing the Seven Principles of Engagement with Free Technologies

Ready to engage at every stage in your classroom? Chickering’s renowned ‘Seven Principles for Good Practice in Education’ have long served educators, but it’s 2016—How can we use technology as a lever for engagement today? Learn seven free and fabulous cutting edge classroom technologies that you can apply on Monday morning! In a day and age where technology is king and keeping students engaged seems more difficult, teachers and education professionals should be taking advantage of technology to engage their students.