2020 Virtual Conference Sessions

12:00–12:45 p.m. (All times are Central Standard Time)

Keynote—Course Resuscitation: Revive Your Online Teaching Using Gamification

Valary Oleinik, Consultant, Valary with a Why, New Jersey

Breakout room #1
Have you put together amazing course content, but the learners still aren’t engaged, so you end up discouraged and at a loss for what to do? You aren’t alone. Join this interactive and collaborative session to explore ways to turn the content into a course that learners want to attend. https://www.valarywithawhy.com/

1:00–1:45 p.m. Breakout Sessions

What’s your GAME Plan for 2021?

Valary Oleinik, Consultant, Valary with a Why, New Jersey

Breakout room #1
This interactive session focuses on the GAME Plan (Goals, Audience, Mechanics, and Experience) framework that gives you a starting point for adding gamification to your courses.

Blended & Online Learning

Eric Carbaugh, James Madison University, VA

Breakout room #2
The sheer amount of information and technology tools available to support online and blended learning can, at times, feel overwhelming. To help participants navigate this landscape and create cohesive learning experiences, this session will highlight key principles and practices for effective online and blended learning. Topics discussed will include the following:
*Building and maintaining relationships with students.
*Establishing and communicating clear expectations.
*Engaging students in authentic learning experiences.
*Frequently “checking-in” on student understanding and progress.
In addition, a collection of high-leverage “power tools” and a planning template will be shared to support the principles outlined above.

Zoom: Can Remote Learning Be Engaging?

Jason Everett, ESU 10/NDLA Board Member

Breakout room #3
Much research has been done on student engagement and motivation. We’ll look at the impact of engagement as well as practical tips, tricks, and resources to design engaging learning experiences for remote learners. Well-designed engagement strategies work well with students, adult learners in professional development, or during presentations to diverse audiences. Take this opportunity to pick up a new idea and also share what works in your environment.

2:00–2:45 p.m. Breakout Sessions

Ready, Fire, Aim! Turning Crisis Measures into Learning Innovation

Barbara Wolf Shousha, Associate Director, NU Online; Director, University of Nebraska High School (Platinum NDLA Sponsor)

Breakout room #1
Spring of 2020 sent schools into emergency mode with little time to plan. Join a discussion of distance education equity and standards, including issues of privacy, screen time, and collaboration. Setting proper targets can turn emergency response measures into quality, supported learning innovations.

15 Classroom Management Tips and Tricks for Any Learning Environment

Marcia Kish, DSD Professional Development

Breakout room #2
Raising hands, wearing a mask, showing faces, and participation is becoming part of the everyday classroom management conversations with educators. Join us for this interactive session that will showcase 15 Classroom Management Tips and Tricks that produce higher levels of participation, cooperation, and on-task behavior in any learning environment.

2020: A Boom Year for Virtual Field Trips

Andrew Easton, ESUCC (Platinum NLDA Sponsor)

Breakout room #3
As the pandemic decreased the amount of foot-traffic that educational organizations across the state had passing through their doors, our Nebraska content providers responded by moving their rich and authentic learning experiences into the virtual space. In response, the ESUCC made a concerted effort to collaborate with these organizations, adding and updating their NVIS site to reflect the boom in VFT opportunities that are now available. The result: the number of VFT experiences on NVIS has more than tripled. Join us for a session that shares what the NVIS VFT site now has to offer educators and learners statewide.

3:00–3:45 p.m. Breakout Sessions

It’s All About Being Human…Online

Cindy Etherton, Instructional Design Specialist, Evergreen Consulting, Salem, Oregon

Breakout room #1
Whether you’re doing remote learning for the first time or this is a full-time venture you’ve been doing for a while, there are simple approaches that can help to humanize your work and what’s being asked of students, whether they’re young learners, teens or adults. Understanding that our goals as educators are to provide authentic learning opportunities and deepen understanding of the content being shared, how do we do this while adding the human element back into our classes? Let’s explore 10 practical ways you can humanize online learning as an instructor and content curator. Presentation resources here. 

Creativity Encourages Students to Read During the Pandemic—Lessons from an Award Winning Librarian

Betsy Thomas, Library Media Specialist, Kooser Elementary, LPS

Breakout room #2
This Elementary School librarian’s daily videos—complete with T-Rex costumes, flour-tossing cooking sessions and reading to chickens—landed her on NBC’s “Today” show in May during the early stages of the pandemic. See how creative stories and daily learning challenges kept kids reading, and how you can find “out of the box” ways to connect with students, even remotely and on video. Betsy will share details of the ideas behind the stories and what feedback she received from students and parents.

Feel the Burn

Sonya Sukup, LMHP, CPC ESU #8 Mental Health Practitioner

Breakout room #3
Burning the candle at both ends? Has 2020 got you feeling a bit burnt out? This presentation navigates what science is telling us about happiness and self-care.

3:45 p.m. Closure