Wayne Fisher Award

Wayne Fisher

Wayne Fisher

The Nebraska Distance Learning Association gives, as a tribute to long time educator and distance learning advocate Wayne Fisher, an annual award to a similar Nebraska professional. Wayne was an employee of the Nebraska Department of Education’s Education Technology Team at the time of his death in 2007. He was long involved in the Nebraska Distance Learning Association as well as serving as an educator and as a mentor for many involved in distance learning.

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Past recipients of the Wayne Fisher award:

  • B. J. Peters, 2017 [K–12 education]
  • Gordon Roethemeyer, 2016 [retired K–12 education]
  • Bruce Christensen, 2015 [retired corporate]
  • Tina Miller, 2014 [content provider]
  • John Stritt, 2013 [K–12 education]
  • Tom Rolfes, 2011 [government]
  • Pat Hoffman, 2010 [telehealth]
  • Shirley Schall, 2009 [K–12 education]

Pilot WayneWayne was also a pilot, and was very involved with the Lincoln Airport Authority. Please enjoy this additional picture of “Wayne at the Stick.”